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Your Quality Mushroom Extracts Supplier

Who are we?

We are your mushroom specialists, bringing to you over 30 years of anti-biotic engineering experiences. We possess not only anti-biotic technologies but also cloning technologies, both of which allow us to maintain and fortify the stability of the mushrooms strains we have in stock, thus ensuring highest quality control from the very first step to the finished extracts. Like most microorganisms fungi mutate after generations of reproduction, and their properties may also change with the mutations. Therefore, identifying the desirable traits and fortifying them are necessary to keep and improve upon the active ingredient contents in the final extracts.

What can we do for you?

Our goal is to provide you with the best mushroom raw materials so your products can deliver what you promised of them. Too many times the consumers or the doctors could not see the benefits of the products they are using. In order to survive and grow in the nutraceutical industry, you have to make sure your clients can actually see the differences your products make, and the first step is the acquisition of high quality raw materials. We are here to help you achieve exactly that.

Why are our mycelial mushroom extracts better?

Extraction of active ingredients from the mushroom fruit bodies is quite difficult due to the tough fibrous cell walls. That is why traditionally most medicinal mushrooms have to be cooked for many hours before consumption. However, even after long hours of hot water extraction process, there can still be much active ingredients left in the cell walls and inside the cells. In order to correct this shortfall and maximize extraction of all active ingredients, we apply sonic technology to shatter mycelial cell walls prior to the extraction process.Thus, ensuring not only good yield in polysaccharides, but also in peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and other trace elements. Current research have shown that polysaccharides may not be the only immune stimulant in mushrooms. The peptides in mushrooms may be equally or more of an immune stimulant than the polysaccharides, like in the cases of Coriolus versicolar and Agaricus blazei murill.

We Shatter the Fibrous Cell Walls for Maximal Extraction of Active Ingredients!