What is Cordycepin?

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CordImmune™ (Cordyceps Sinensis)


Cordy-Immune is a revolutionary product, and it’s the only Cordyceps sinensis (Super CS-4 Strain) in the world that contains both adenosine and cordycepin! Traditionally, cordycepin is only found in extracts from Cordyceps millitaris and not found in Cordyceps sinensis.

Cord-Immune is the only product on the market that contains pure extracts from Super CS-4 strain of Cordyceps sinensis, a new hybrid strain that is capable of producing high yields of adenosine and cordycepin.

Cord-Immune has all the benefits of the traditional Cordyceps; in addition, the presence of cordycepin gives it the extra immune support most practitioners are looking for.

What is Cordycepin?

Cordycepin, or 3’-deoxyadenosine, is a nucleoside analog and a transcription chain terminator. When cordycepin is introduced to cells undergoing DNA replication, it produces a defective DNA that triggers cells to undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Currently, the Natitional Cancer Institute in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company has initiated a Phase I clinical study of cordycepin as a potential treatment agent. However, we believe that the whole Cordyceps would be more potent than a single agent.

We believe that the synergistic effects of Cordyceps polysaccharides, adenosine, cordycepic acid, and cordycepin would be much greater than those achieved by the use of cordycepin alone.

CordImmune™ (now with cordycepin)

0.3% Adenosine, 0.2% cordycepin, 18% polysaccharides

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