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Boluoke® (Lumbrokinase)

Corio PSP™ (Coriolus Versicolor)

CordImmune™ (Cordyceps Sinensis)

Corio PSP™ (Coriolus Versicolor)

  • 340mg x 60caps
  • 38% Polysaccharides
  • “Anti-Tumor & Immune-Modulatory Fungus”

Main Ingredients

PSP (polysaccharide-peptide). The polysaccharide contained a main chain of an alpha and beta (1-4) glucan and a tightly bound 15-38% polypeptides. The polysaccharide is composed of 6 types of monosaccharides: galactose, glucose, mannose, xylose, arabinose, and rhamnose. The peptide portion consists of mainly aspartic acid and glutamic acid.


Brown powder, heat and light stable, with a molecular weight of about 26000Da.


LD50 > 20g/kg. Ames test, tests for abnormalities in chromosomes, nucleotides, and reproduction are all negative.

The use of 50 times human clinical dosage on monkeys consecutively for 6 months produced no toxic effects.


  • Maintenance: 1 to 3 grams per day
  • Treatment: 3 to 6 grams per day

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